Privacy Policy 

When you sign up for Kujichagulia Learning & Wellness, you give us certain information voluntarily. This includes name, email address, phone number, photo and any other information. If you purchase something on this site, we collect payment information, contact information and details of what you bought. If you purchase something from Kujichagulia Learning & Wellness for other people, we’ll collect their delivery details and contact information. 

If you link your accounts from third-party services, we will collect information from those accounts (i.e. friends or contacts). The information we collect from those services depends on your settings and their privacy settings. 

Grievance Policy 

If you have a grievance or a complaint towards Kujichagulia Learning & Wellness Center,  please submit it to and include as much detail as possible. We will reach out to you within 3 business days in an attempt to move toward resolution. If we are unable to reach a resolution, we will expedite the matter to our board of directors within 15 business days and further work towards agreement. A final decision will be rendered within 30 business days of receipt of your concerns.