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Arithmetic involves working with numbers to get the answer to a problem. Students learning arithmetic will cover it all, from counting, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing. Arithmetic also includes fractions, positive and negative numbers, the order of operations, and sequencing.

Fractions, Decimals, Percentages

Fractions, decimals, and percentages represent different expressions of parts of a whole number. Students will learn how to compare and order fractions, decimals, and percentages and how to convert between the three of them.

Middle School

Pre Algebra

Students will learn about and explore topics including integers, order of operations, algebraic expressions, one and two-step equations, proportions, percents, probability, geometry, and linear equations.

High School

Algebra lays the foundation for success in future math courses. Students in this course will strengthen their command of expressions, systems of equations, functions, real numbers, inequalities, exponents, polynomials, radical and rational expressions, among other topics. 

Students will explore geometric concepts i.e. proofs, parallel and perpendicular lines, coordinate plane, and triangles, polygons, and circles, among others. From there, they can study trigonometry, which focuses on functions that can help them find measure angles and dimensions of triangles.