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Young people of various ages can access a bevy of yoga activities, as seen on this page.

Where Movement Meets Culture

Yoga for the Watoto

This yoga class is held for children and youth between ages 5 to 16 years old. This class encourages youth and children to build self-concept and self-expression while learning the importance of embracing one’s own heritage and culture. This class also embraces a psycho-social-spiritual model of development; teaching children the importance of what it means to develop and integrate the whole self)

(Classes held for different age levels)

Yoga Offerings

The following are classes that young people can enroll in to enjoy the many benefits of yoga.

“We are One.” This flow is for the family. Family, bring children between ages 8 to 11 for a time of connection and communal embodiment where students will learn breathing, an introduction to poses, and meditation

Students will learn restorative postures to increase relaxation, relieve stress and anxiety. Sound bath will be incorporated toward the end of the class.

If you are interested in art and yoga. This is the class for you. Bring your journal and learn about ways to align and integrate the whole self through color, expressive arts techniques, and movement.


For New Students

First class 15% off $17.00

New Student One Month Unlimited Classes: $50 (expires after 30 days)

Single Class


Regular Rate: $17

Youth 17 and under: $15



Unlimited class pass

We look forward to building with you and your child very soon.

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