The Kuji Philosophy, Mission & Vision


Inspired by the second principle of the Nguzo Saba, the Kujichagulia Learning and Wellness Center strives to create an environment for thriving beings yearning to speak, define, and do for self. Self-determination is a universal right that must be protected and affirmed. We believe that before you’re able to engage life freely, you must create a value system that’s spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally liberating to oneself and the surrounding environment.


We aspire to enrich people of all ages through African-centered arts, literacy, wellness, and recreation programs. As Africans, we understand the need to unite globally and fight for the common good of our people. Those who use Kujichagulia’s offerings will be primed to assist in those efforts.


Kujichagulia Learning & Wellness Center aspires to foster an environment that affirms African people in their African identity and equips them for a life of service to family, community, and self.